Apparently Erica wanted to give Kimbella a beating for making it hard for her to get  her money. She claims that Kimbella was doing things that brought the modeling value down.  The problem is that Erica’s money was already  messed up because of her own reputation. In a book wrote by Prdodigy called “My Infamous Life” Erica is mentioned in the book. She was drunk and ” dating” Havoc of Mobb Deep, but from what I read she was drunk and willing to let anyone get a piece of her goods. For Free. Momma looks like you fucked your own money up.


About Michelle Turner Manigo

I an a wife, mother of 4, blogger, co author of Fabulous New Life Volume 2 releases in Oct 2015, an advocate against domestic violence, President of WSN chapter a women's networking group, CEO of Da Jewelz an online boutique that sells statement pieces Also Creator of GLAMMITUP which will be a pop up shop to make abused women and girls look and feel special.

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  1. Sex Webcam says:

    Wow, what’s with all the YDIs? People are so heartless in this world, I fear for future generations. I had a friend who had to give her son up for adoption because she had no way to support him, but she still got to see him from time to time. OP probably had the same situation, and he was thinking about his son’s well-being rather than himself, so putting him up for adoption was probably the best thing to do so he could get the care he needed. I do wonder where the mother is, but that’s beside the point. So all you people saying YDI need to grow up and look at it from OP’s perspective.

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