35-year-old Tyree Lincoln was arrested Tuesday  in Lynn Haven Florida  for the murder of Angel Gonzales 43-year-old. Mr Gonzales saw Smith sleeping outside and offered him to come inside out of the cold. He was attacked with an axe. Smith then proceeded to remove the mans eyes and brain. He took it to the cemetery and ate it at his brothers grave sight.

 The victim’s son, Odalys Vaszuez says she wants justice for her stepfather’s murder.

“Here it is that my dad was trying to help this guy, telling him to come inside from the cold,” she told the website. “If my father was helping him stay warm, what kind of person is it who does this, who repays him by swinging an axe at him and hitting him so hard it blows his brains out?”

Things are getting crazier and crazier.


Source: usnews.msnbc.msn.com, vladtv


About Michelle Turner Manigo

I an a wife, mother of 4, blogger, co author of Fabulous New Life Volume 2 releases in Oct 2015, an advocate against domestic violence, President of WSN chapter a women's networking group, CEO of Da Jewelz an online boutique that sells statement pieces www.dajewelz.mysupadupa.com. Also Creator of GLAMMITUP which will be a pop up shop to make abused women and girls look and feel special.

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