Who told her she was sexy in this. You men need to stop telling these women they are  thick when they are really sloppy. They are taking this thick mess to a whole new level. Is she pregnant? # Failed


About Michelle Turner Manigo

I an a wife, mother of 4, blogger, co author of Fabulous New Life Volume 2 releases in Oct 2015, an advocate against domestic violence, President of WSN chapter a women's networking group, CEO of Da Jewelz an online boutique that sells statement pieces www.dajewelz.mysupadupa.com. Also Creator of GLAMMITUP which will be a pop up shop to make abused women and girls look and feel special.

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  1. LMAO.. aye aye aye dios mio!!!

  2. FreeSpeechAdvocate says:

    I didn’t know Walmart had trains……eeeeewwwwww. that poor woman sitting in front of her!
    Before someone gigs me, both my wife and I are “big” so it’s about style not size.
    Big can be beautiful!

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