Basketball Wives Season 4 Review

Well I wont waste your time with all the meetings but I will point out that Suzi is actually acting how she should have acted when Evelyn was going to beat that ass. She is still trying too hard. She was talking about how Kenya is too old to be making Youtube videos. Suzi also feels that Kenya looks crazy and possessed. LOL!!! Maybe so, but Suzi you obviously need to find something to do with your time. I think you are the only cast member that isn’t doing anything.Blow jobs doesn’t count. lol

The highlight for me was when Evelyn had the convo with Chad. I feel you Evelyn some women try to act like they have the best you know what and that their man wont cheat. At least you are willing to think realistic. You want it bo be perfect but men have a need for autonomy so that’s what happens when  we don’t let them have a lil space. I hope everything works out for you too. The show hasn’t gotten JuSee enough yet. I will keep you posted.


Yandy Smith Pregnant

You remember Yandy Smith from Vh1 reality show Love & Hip Hop, well she is preggos. This picture was taken from HHGS. Apparently she is denying it. Ok we will see in a couple of months.

Matt Barnes beefing with Black Wall Street

Looks like there is beef with Matt Barnes and” Black Wall Street” rapper  aR (avanteRose) on twitter. Guess why? Its JuSee. Well I guess he was smashing her while her and Matt werent together. Dispite all of that going back and forward. I think they are going to make it work. I hope that means wedding Bells soon.


@Matt_Barnes22 @GloGovan nigga yo bitch come off tha bench jus like u


@Matt_Barnes22 @GloGovan well nigga when yaw was split up yo bitch got fucked many times in yo house #EndOfThatStory

Smash or Pass …….Can u guess who’s wearing my money gang hoody ??? Hint: #basketballwives


RT @avanteRose: aye yo MATTHEW @matt_barnes22 here go a pic of me & yo bitch @GloGovan up in da club – Ha ha ha ha — Charles Louboutin (@thegame

Dispite all of that I think they are going to make it work. I hope that means wedding Bells soon.

The 2012 Sprite Slam Dunk Winner

Jeremy Evans won the 2012 Sprite Slam dunk contest. Jeremy Evans, Utah Jazz, forward was a late entrant but delivered the goods when he won this contest by dunking two balls at the same time jumping over someone. Awesome job. Congrats to Jeremy.

JuSee Buzz Pic of the Week

Come on are you fucking kidding me! Who does this? RIP whoever you are. #Failed

Chris Brown’s troubles

Controversy over Chris Brown stealing a cell phone may have this young man facing prison time. Crystal Sapnn told police that Chris Brown stole her $600 iPhone after she tried to take a picture of Chris in Miami.

I am against abuse but come on people hasn’t this guy done his time. Chris Brown has paid for what he did. So Why is he still a target? He’s a young guy who makes mistakes all people do. It just breaks my heart that they want to see him locked up. It’s touchy because I have a teenage son and I would be highly upset if my son was treated like this. Chris all I can say is you may need to sit your ass down somewhere for a minute.

Basketball Wives Season 4 Review

The first episode of Basketball Wives Season 4  wasnt all that great. They were just letting you get warmed up for whats to come. Jen and Evelyn”s frienship is over pretty much, but my Question is, What exactly did Jen do to piss Evelyn off to the point to where they can’t even be friends anymore? I don’t think there is one unless there is something else that they are not telling us. Whats the problem? Evelyn you are too beautiful to be as spiteful as you are looking now. Come on put that bull aside and come together.  

JuSee Pic of the Week

You know the routine. Who told these females that it is cute to show your thong? Its not cute for the smaller women to do it. Why does this look cute to her? Comments  are welcome. Stop the madness this is a BIG NO NO. I mean it literally. lol #fail

Basketball Wives Season 4

Basketball Wives Season 4 there is even more drama on this season! Who is ready? This is my show so I will be giving you an update on every single episode.  So far the show has two new members Kesha Nichols who was suppose to marry Richard Jefferson, but he bailed on their $2 million dollar wedding the night before. Check this out, he told her via email. Thats some bs.

Kenya Bell who was former Miss Michigan and currently divorcingCharlie Bell of the Golden State Warriors. Kenya was arrested in May for stabbing him with a box cutter. WOW This shit is going to be JuSee.

Be sure to watch on VH1 Febuary 20th @9/8 central.

Whitney Houston Dies at 48

Sad News to hear that yet another legend has died way too young.  Whitney Houston was found in the bathtub of a Beverly Hills hotel yesterday … with her face underwater … people close to Whitney tell TMZ. She was getting ready for the Clive Davis Party when her crew realized she was still in the bathroom. Her hairstlist went in to check on her. She was discovered her. Her bodyguard tried to revive her but it was too late Whitney was already gone. Whitney Houston was pronounced dead at 3:55 pm.

Even though she had her demons Whitney Houston’s beautiful soul and presence will be missed. RIP Whitney Houston.


The Houston Family released this staement.

We are devastated by the loss of our beloved Whitney. This is an unimaginable tragedy and we will miss her terribly. We appreciate the outpouring of love and support from her fans and friends. -The Houston Family”