Ok I was beginning to think this was Basketball Wives of New York, but next episode is going to Miami.  I want to start with the video first which I think was pretty good. Its more than what Suzie is doing. Suzie seems to hate on Kenya all the time. Is she jealous of her?

Anyways the women are acting a lil high school, on this season with the back and forth. The talking about this one misquoting what this one said. I am not really feeling them this season. Every week I am going in with an open mind  but I am still waiting.

I get why the women were upset with Kesha for how she kind of checked them at her charity event. Now I know Kesha watched the earlier shows before she got there. If you have a problem with Tami  go to her. This happens every season. Anyways Maybe next episode………. Come on women give me some Jus.



Ok now it is starting to get a lil JuSee the women are back in Miami and Tami and Ev had to catch Shaunie up on what happened at the dinner in New York. Shaunie then invites the two to her birthday dinner. She lets them know that she is inviting Jen because of the issues that Jen and Ev have. Shaunie I just have one question.Why the hell aren’t y’all fooling with ROYCE.? THATS WHAT MAKE YALL SEEM LIKE THE MEAN GIRLS.

Royce and Suzie go to North Carolina to meet Kesha’s family on a farm. Waste of filming to me but I guess that’s the only way we get to se what Royce is up to.

Back in Miami, Jen and Kenya go shopping for Shaunie’s dinner. Jen wanted to get to know Kenya and form her own opinion about her. I must say that Jen is humble and she does seem to not want to be around all the madness. Who can blame her.

Later on Tami goes over to Jens house and basically asking her why didn’t she get invited to Jens Lucid launch party. Really  nosey. A lot of people give these women a hard time because they behave a certain way but I can understand some of the reasoning for some of the madness. 

Royce and Tami talk about Tami’s behavior towards Kesha. You know Tami is set in her ways and don’t care what they really have to say. If she feels you she does if not oh well.

Ok bump all this bull They were at the dinner and everything was fine until they started doing toast. Now I am a Ev fan and mostly because I am a Sag and I know how loyal Sags are. So Ev has to feel betrayed in some sort of way the reason she is so upset. Now I don’t condone her behavior I just know how, once betrayed there’s really no coming back from that. No repairing the relationship. So ladies why don’t you guys get in a boxing ring and duke this shit out.lol 

Ev does seem to think she can say whatever and no one can respond back to her in that way. If you can’t take it don’t dish it out. Lets see what happens next episode. until next week.




About Michelle Turner Manigo

I an a wife, mother of 4, blogger, co author of Fabulous New Life Volume 2 releases in Oct 2015, an advocate against domestic violence, President of WSN chapter a women's networking group, CEO of Da Jewelz an online boutique that sells statement pieces www.dajewelz.mysupadupa.com. Also Creator of GLAMMITUP which will be a pop up shop to make abused women and girls look and feel special.

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