A month ago a young man by the name Trayvon Martin was shot and  killed. He was unarmed and had a bag a skittles for his little brother. This is any parents worse nightmare. The problem is his killer hasn’t been arrested. It isn’t like they don’t know who did it. He just isn’t in custody. I do not want to make this into a white or black thing but come on, Mike Vick got 23 months for knowing people who fought dogs and they havent got this motherf@*ka  in custody yet. Come on, where is the justice for us?  We get harsher punishment than any other race and now we don’t get justice. What kind of world are we living in?

It’s a personal situation because I have a 16-year-old son and it pisses me off that some people can get away with murder and it’s just fine. We arent suppose to say anything. Not anymore! People are rallying up showing support by wearing their hoodies. Why did it take death to make people stand up?

WE WANT JUSTICE FOR TRAYVON MARTIN! 2012 This is everyone’s son.



About Michelle Turner Manigo

I an a wife, mother of 4, blogger, co author of Fabulous New Life Volume 2 releases in Oct 2015, an advocate against domestic violence, President of WSN chapter a women's networking group, CEO of Da Jewelz an online boutique that sells statement pieces www.dajewelz.mysupadupa.com. Also Creator of GLAMMITUP which will be a pop up shop to make abused women and girls look and feel special.

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  2. […] Trayvon Martin is Everyones Son (juseebuzz.wordpress.com) […]

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  4. Anonymous says:

    Trayvon was a thug who probably would have gotten himself killed by another young black male had he survived. Why don’t we protest true victims instead.

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