33 year old man has 30 Kids

33 year old Desmond Hatchett has 30 children by 11 different women. His oldest child is 14 years old. In my opinion he needs his ass kicked. What makes the situation even worse, is he works minimum wage and sometimes the women get as little as $1.49 a month. Can you imagine that? Hell no.This is a disgrace now he is in the courts asking for the judge to give him a break on the child support. I doubt if you get it buddy. If anyone is in the Tenn. area and come across a guy named Desmond Hatchett, run far away. Six words I would like to say to Mr Hatchett. KEEP YOUR DICK IN YOUR PANTS. LOL


Basketball Wives Miami Review Episode 4 and 5


Ok I was beginning to think this was Basketball Wives of New York, but next episode is going to Miami.  I want to start with the video first which I think was pretty good. Its more than what Suzie is doing. Suzie seems to hate on Kenya all the time. Is she jealous of her?

Anyways the women are acting a lil high school, on this season with the back and forth. The talking about this one misquoting what this one said. I am not really feeling them this season. Every week I am going in with an open mind  but I am still waiting.

I get why the women were upset with Kesha for how she kind of checked them at her charity event. Now I know Kesha watched the earlier shows before she got there. If you have a problem with Tami  go to her. This happens every season. Anyways Maybe next episode………. Come on women give me some Jus.



Ok now it is starting to get a lil JuSee the women are back in Miami and Tami and Ev had to catch Shaunie up on what happened at the dinner in New York. Shaunie then invites the two to her birthday dinner. She lets them know that she is inviting Jen because of the issues that Jen and Ev have. Shaunie I just have one question.Why the hell aren’t y’all fooling with ROYCE.? THATS WHAT MAKE YALL SEEM LIKE THE MEAN GIRLS.

Royce and Suzie go to North Carolina to meet Kesha’s family on a farm. Waste of filming to me but I guess that’s the only way we get to se what Royce is up to.

Back in Miami, Jen and Kenya go shopping for Shaunie’s dinner. Jen wanted to get to know Kenya and form her own opinion about her. I must say that Jen is humble and she does seem to not want to be around all the madness. Who can blame her.

Later on Tami goes over to Jens house and basically asking her why didn’t she get invited to Jens Lucid launch party. Really  nosey. A lot of people give these women a hard time because they behave a certain way but I can understand some of the reasoning for some of the madness. 

Royce and Tami talk about Tami’s behavior towards Kesha. You know Tami is set in her ways and don’t care what they really have to say. If she feels you she does if not oh well.

Ok bump all this bull They were at the dinner and everything was fine until they started doing toast. Now I am a Ev fan and mostly because I am a Sag and I know how loyal Sags are. So Ev has to feel betrayed in some sort of way the reason she is so upset. Now I don’t condone her behavior I just know how, once betrayed there’s really no coming back from that. No repairing the relationship. So ladies why don’t you guys get in a boxing ring and duke this shit out.lol 

Ev does seem to think she can say whatever and no one can respond back to her in that way. If you can’t take it don’t dish it out. Lets see what happens next episode. until next week.



Trayvon Martin is Everyones Son

A month ago a young man by the name Trayvon Martin was shot and  killed. He was unarmed and had a bag a skittles for his little brother. This is any parents worse nightmare. The problem is his killer hasn’t been arrested. It isn’t like they don’t know who did it. He just isn’t in custody. I do not want to make this into a white or black thing but come on, Mike Vick got 23 months for knowing people who fought dogs and they havent got this motherf@*ka  in custody yet. Come on, where is the justice for us?  We get harsher punishment than any other race and now we don’t get justice. What kind of world are we living in?

It’s a personal situation because I have a 16-year-old son and it pisses me off that some people can get away with murder and it’s just fine. We arent suppose to say anything. Not anymore! People are rallying up showing support by wearing their hoodies. Why did it take death to make people stand up?

WE WANT JUSTICE FOR TRAYVON MARTIN! 2012 This is everyone’s son.


14 Year Old Shoots His Mother 10 Times


14-year-old Joshua Smith shot his mother 10 times while asleep on the couch. His motives for the attack was his mother Tameiko Robinson, was keeping him from hanging out with the wrong crowd. So he shot her. Bare ly missing his aunt and five-year old sister.Joshua was arrested on February 27th driving his mother’s car. Joshua is charged with first degree murder and felony use of a firearm.. He could face life in prison.

This was unheard of when I was younger. What’s in the water?

Facebook Uproar over Bumper Sticker

This  racist bumper sticker has caused a lot of attention on Facebook. ” Dont Re- Nig in 2012″

Ha! Right. Why is this such a surprise? Just in 1987 there was a town in Georgia that did not want black people in their town. It doesn’t seem too far-fetched that they passed along this behavior to their children’s’ children. Yes ignorance still exist. It will always exist.

There is a website called “Sump’s Stickers that sell these and other offensive stickers. They even have a website Dontre-nig.com. It is ok because these dummies  in 2012 but you need to stop the ignorance. STOP THE IGNORANCE in 2012!

Most Expensive pair of shoes

Whats the most expensive pair of shoes you have? How much did they cost? Well how about a pair of shoes that cost $319,460! Thats a car and a house but there are a lot of shoe whores out there. Too bad none of them are rocking these though. Not yet at least.

These shoes are solid gold with 2,000 diamonds. Designer Christopher Micheal Shellis took three years to finish this product. Do they have a lay a way plan?

Jermaine Jackson’s claims an affair with Whitney Houston

Wow isn’t it funny how people come out of the wood works with bull to make themselves relevant. Whitney Houston hasn’t been able to rest. Jermaine Jackson claims that he had an affair with Whitney Houston while he was married. Get this! In the 80’s. Lol Come on are you kidding me? Why is this important to expose now?Her song Saving all My Love ,was supposed to be how she felt about him, how he did not want to leave his wife for her. Thats what the Sun is reporting.

JuSee Buzz Pic of Week

Who told her she was sexy in this. You men need to stop telling these women they are  thick when they are really sloppy. They are taking this thick mess to a whole new level. Is she pregnant? # Failed

Young Buck targeted

Earlier this morning Young Buck, former G Unit artist, SUV was targeted and shot at 11 times in an apparent drive by. Buck wasnt hurt, but his female passenger was shot in the shoulder. She was treated and released from a local hospital. Who would want to hurt Young Buck? He hasn’t released any statements about the incident. I wonder does he have an album coming out soon? Huh! Glad him and his passenger is ok.

Man Recieves Unemployment while in Jail

It’s crazy how it’s hard for some people to get unemployment that just lost a job. But a convicted murderer, Anthony Garcia was receiving benefits while serving time in Los Angeles County  jail. He was convicted in 2004 for killing a rival gang. Part of the evidence was his tattoo on his chest,which is the crime scene. He  has received over $30,000 in fraudulent unemployment benefits. He had the help of his father, Juan Garcia and two of his girlfriends Sandra Jaimez and Cynthia Limas who were all arrested Thursday on charges that include grand theft.